Bike Taupo: Waihaha

Bike Taupo does it again!

In May, we finally had a chance to ride the new 14 km Waihaha section of the Great Lake Trail. Brilliant fun, and great scenery, although you need to keep your speed in check… in places the damp leaf litter is very slippery. You can end up wrapped around a tree before you know it.


It starts at the Waihaha River Bridge on the western side of Lake Taupo and goes for 14 km to a dead end near the lake. Then you ride back the same way. There isn’t much altitude gain or loss, so that’s not a problem.

DSC_3418 Boardwalk (Medium)

Bike Taupo trail building crews are now working from a bay only accessable by boat, back to this point. They hope to be finished by Christmas and rumours are that it is the best yet. Go BikeTaupo!