Explore! Aotearoa

An illustrated creative non-fiction journey into five of Aotearoa’s greatest adventures.

A children’s book for young explorers aged 10 and over.


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Explore! Aotearoa features the amazing true stories of New Zealand’s explorers. It follows adventurers like: Kupe, Thomas Brunner and Kehu, Freda du Faur and the Graham Brothers, Tāne Tinorau and Kieran McKay, Kelly Tarlton and Wade Doak. Journey with them over the waves, across the land, up the mountains, beneath the earth, and under the sea.

The author, Bronwen Wall’s dynamic narrative has made these wonderful New Zealand explorers approachable and exciting. Bronwen is a regular contributor to the Ministry of Educations’ Junior Journal, School Journal and the Connected series. She has also edited and written several adventure books, including Harry Watson: the Mile Eater and the Tararua Adventure Guide.

The award-winning illustrator, Kimberly Andrews, has researched and painted stunning watercolours of the adventures, helping capture the excitement, and sometimes desperation, of their adventures. Kimberly was also the illustrator of Tuna and Hiriwa, a finalist in the New Zealand Book Awards 2017.

Evocative illustrations, maps, photographs and paintings add a rich visual layer to the tales. Chapters begin with cliffhangers that draw readers into the history to learn how each explorer survived their ordeal. The stories are engaging for children and adult readers alike.

Recipient of the 2018 Storylines Notable Book Award.

Teachers Notes: A 6 page resource for teachers [PDF] is also available.


  1. Philippa Werry

    Bronwen Wall has a gift for making these historic stories come alive… [Read more at The Sapling]

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