West Coast Wilderness Trail Opening

The West Coast Wilderness Trail, going from Hokitika to Kumara, opened on 23 of November and it was AWESOME. From 6.30am, riders started from both ends and met in Kumara for festivities. Jonathan joined 30 others from Hokitika who rode two legs (70 km) through scenic country, and via Cowboy Paradise.

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It was so good that he and a new friend Kevin O’Donnell decided to ride back to Hokitika. Crazy, yet, but also “…more fun than pissing on an electric fence” as they say on the Coast. Only just made it before the Takeaways shop closed!

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Just be aware that there are several sections still under construction, although you can ride on roads to avoid them.

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We were also lucky enough to have a tour of the tracks on Blue Spur, just out of Hokitika. The locals have done an awesome job up there, and although the tracks are rough they are also mega fun to ride.

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Thanks to John, Jonno and Neil for the tour, and not breaking me (they way they have so many others!). It was a real buzz.

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Round Taupo
& Mt Pureora

Round Taupo was just as much of a buzz as ever. Great to meet so many cyclists in such a short space of time.

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The following day we teamed up with mountain bike guide Ted Webb and did a circumnavigation of Mt Pureora.

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Beautiful scenery, tricky navigation and a mix of riding = a classic mtb adventure. One for the next edition of Classic NZ Mountain Bike Rides.

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We recommend Tread Routes – NZ Mountain Biking Expeditions for any group looking for an awesome biking holiday.

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Rimutaka Cycle Trail Opening

The Rimutaka Cycle Trail had its official opening on 23 of October.

It stood out as special because of meeting an old man that used to live at the Rimutaka Rail Trail summit. Ron Mitchell had to catch the mail train to school at Cross Creek and has vivid memories of life on the trail when steam was king.

DSC06418 (Large)

Here is Jonathan having a look at Ron’s photo album,¬†and the PM opening the latest cycle trail.

DSC06420 (Large)

The great thing about local cycling holidays is that you can be flexible and take advantage of fine weather with a group of friends. We decided to head around the Rimutaka Cycle Trail and had tailwinds most of the way.


The trail is in brilliant condition for 99% of the route from Petone to Ocean Beach, which is where we camped at DOC’s Corner Creek campsite. The last section around to Orongorongo Station will be officially opened soon, but be warned, there hasn’t been any upgrading work done yet. We will let you know when they start.

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