Follows six inspiring athletes through their tumultuous careers representing New Zealand at the Olympics.


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Full book also available in a Kindle edition.

Only six mountain bikers have ever represented New Zealand in mountain biking at the Olympics:

What powered these six Kiwis through the mud, sweat and tears of mountain biking to race in the world’s top sporting arena? The Muddy Olympians follows these inspiring athletes – five out of six of whom are women – through their tumultuous careers. Along the way, it tells the story of mountain-bike racing in New Zealand as it has grown from a bunch of mates sprinting through Skippers Canyon in pursuit of an ice block, to a fierce battle for international titles and professional team contracts.

Mountain biking is still seen as the youthful, rebellious messy sport – the Olympics, on the other hand, is revered as one of the world’s oldest, and most prestigious, sporting traditions. Find out what happens when six gutsy Kiwis go head to head with the world’s best, from 1996 when mountain biking first became an Olympic sport to London 2012 when Karen Hanlen raced the most important ride of her life.


  1. Carl Patton, New Zealand Mountain Biker

    Obviously, there’s plenty of good reading about mountain biking to be had (ahem), but there aren’t a lot of actual books about our sport. But even if there were, this handy little volume would be up there with the best. … it’s more than historical, it’s a real personal insight into the … ups and downs of competing at the elite level of any sport … only the Kennett Brothers could have written such a book to the level of detail and understanding shown within it. Their intimate knowledge of the racing scene, the riders covered and all the riders peripheral to the stories is unique in New Zealand and we’re lucky that they’re motivated to put that knowledge into a thorough and engaging book.
    If you’ve ever raced a mountain bike, you should read this book …

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