The Carbon Forest 2010 [PDF Download Edition]

A New Zealand guide to forest carbon sinks for investors, farmers and conservationists

Note from 2022: This is a PDF version of the 2010 book. It was written when the Kyoto Protocol was the prime market for trading carbon credits. Much of those processes have changed. The practical information about trees and forests is still useful.

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How to capture carbon with forests – and make money while you’re at it

Whether you’re a forester, an investor, a farmer, or a team of passionate conservationists, this book is for you.

The Carbon Forest will show you step by step how to:

  • Buy, manage and protect your forest sink
  • Turn your carbon into cash through emissions trading schemes
  • Deal with tax, rates and insurance+ Understand the environmental context and ethical issues.

Written by experts in their fields, The Carbon Forest discusses the practical, financial and legal aspects of carbon capture and includes case studies and real-life examples.


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