A Biker’s Tale

John Hellemans' tale of riding 3000 km from Cape Reinga to Bluff

The hilarious tale of the ups and downs of completing the 2018 Tour Aotearoa, 3000 km from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

John Hellemans encountered all types of challenges, from getting lost to physical ailments, serious weather events and loneliness. In between he had plenty of time to contemplate and let his thoughts and imagination run free. It helped him pass the time. He was seen late at night, furiously hammering away on his laptop, regardless of how tired he was, reliving the events and contemplations of the day. It helped him make sense of his journey and how it fitted into the complex world we live in. He called it his ‘administration’.

A Biker’s Tale is a must read for casual and serious bikers alike.


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