MTB Hall of Fame

Paul, Simon and Jonathan are happy to announce we’re going to be inducted into the Marin MTB Hall of Fame on 23rd September 2018 along with Steve Peat, Ken Chlouber and Josh Bender.

We’d like to thank the Hall of Fame selection committee and Jim Hasenauer for nominating us, plus all those who voted for us. And all our friends and family who have supported us in our various cycling ventures over the years.

Simon and Paul first visited the Hall of Fame way back in 1989 when it was still in Crested Butte. We were on a cycling and racing pilgrimage to pay homage to the pioneering people and events that gave birth to the sport of mountain biking. It is an honour to be acknowledged within the same MTB museum that pays tribute to our heroes.

Rather than ramble on about ourselves we encourage you to pop over to the MTB Hall of Fame website and read up about all the amazing inductees that are featured there.