Project Rameka

A local response to global climate change ... Situated in Golden Bay, New Zealand, Project Rameka is a carbon sink that focuses on forest restoration, biodiversity and non-motorised recreation. The 50-hectare property was bought in 2008 by Jonathan Kennett and Bronwen Wall. It is managed by an incorporated society. For more information and to receive a membership form, you can email: projectrameka [at]

Location: Rameka Valley, Takaka, Golden Bay, New Zealand

Project Rameka Incorporated Society Is Born

Thursday 1 May 2008
Thursday was a big day for Project Rameka. A public meeting was held at the Wholemeal Cafe in Takaka to get a sense of the local community's support for the project and to form an incorporated society - that's just a long name for a club that is officially recognised, and the clubs aims are publically stated. Making the aims of a club public makes it possible for people to get involved and for the club to apply for grants to achieve the shared goals of recreation and restoration.

In the morning, Jonathan was interviewed by local radio and newspaper. You can check out the Nelson Mail article here:

In the evening over 40 people helped form the Project Rameka Incorporated Society. The range of talents among the founding members is brilliant. About half are from Golden Bay, and the rest are mostly from Wellington and Christchurch. There are botanists, hunters, tree planters, and mountain bikers on board.


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