Cycling Legend Phil O Shea

Phil O'Shea: Wizard on Wheels (2005).

Cycling Legends 1: Phil O'Shea - Wizard on Wheels

Published August 2005
By Jonathan Kennett, Bronwen Wall
ISBN 0-9583490-8-8
Published and distributed by Kennett Brothers

Available in good bike shops and book stores

Cycling Legends is a series of books detailing New Zealand's ten greatest cyclists. The first in the series tells the story of Phil O'Shea, the greatest of them all.

Born in 1889, O'Shea's quiet, unassuming persona was juxtaposed by an extraordinary athletic ability. He won every track and road cycling title he set his mind to, during a time when competitive cycling was one of the world's most popular sports.

He went to Australia and won their road championships three years straight. After 1923, he concentrated on track racing. Champions from around the world were imported for O'Shea to compete against in front of home crowds. After a long racing career he coached other champions, ran a cycle shop in Christchurch, and continued cycling until he was 90.

New Zealand champion Phil O'Shea lines up against the American
Sprint champion Willie Spencer in 1925 at Athletic Park, Wellington.
O'Shea's arms are in bandages as he had crashed racing against
Spencer in Christchurch the week before.

Recommended Retail Price: $20.00
Soft cover
ISBN: 0-9583490-8-8
Published: August 2005
Size: 112 pages, 168mm by 118mm
Graphics: 30 photographs, cycle icons, scanned newspaper headlines
Text: 15,000 words
Author: Jonathan Kennett, Bronwin Wall
Publisher: Kennett Brothers, ph & fax 04 499-6376

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