Cycling Legend Bill Pratney

Bill Pratney - Never Say Die (2007).

New Zealand Cycling Legends 3: Bill Pratney - Never Say Die

Published October 2007
By Jim Robinson
ISBN 978-0-9582673-2-8
Published and distributed by Kennett Brothers 2007 Recommended Retail Price NZ$20.00

Available in all good bike shops and book stores

Cycling Legends is a series of books detailing New Zealand's ten greatest cyclists.

Bill Pratney (born Wiremu Paratane) began his cycling career in 1926 at the age of 17 and spanned an astounding seven decades. He won an array of championship titles and he triumphed in classic races. Tagged the ‘Iron Man’, Pratney was tough as nails. His extraordinary career had barely begun when he was involved in a dreadful accident. One rider was killed, while Pratney was left for dead. Against the odds, Pratney recovered and got back on his bicycle. This is his remarkable story.

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