Classic New Zealand Cycle Trails - a guide to 46 fantastic holidays (2012)

Classic New Zealand Cycle Trails - a guide to 46 fantastic holidays

Classic New Zealand Cycle Trails guides you to the very best biking holidays this stunning little country has to offer. For your next holiday, choose from 22 Great Rides or 24 Heartland Rides and get in touch with the real New Zealand.

Published 1 November 2012.

Muddy Olympians - New Zealands six mountain bike Olympians: Kathy Lynch, Susy Pryde, Kashi Leuchs, Robyn Wong, Rosara Joseph, Karen Hanlen (2012)

The Muddy Olympians - New Zealands six mountain bike Olympians

Only six mountain bikers have ever represented New Zealand at the Olympics:

  • Kathy Lynch (1996) – a diamond in the rough
  • Susy Pryde (2000) – the roadie powerhouse
  • Kashi Leuchs (2000, 2004, 2008) – the enduring professional
  • Robyn Wong (2004) – the surprise performer
  • Rosara Joseph (2008) – intellectual speed demon
  • Karen Hanlen (2012) – the Whakatane rocket

Published 1 November 2012.

Hawkes Bays Best Bike Rides (2012)

Hawke's Bay's Best Bike Rides - Easy trails, road rides and mountain bike rides

The first edition of Hawke’s Bay’s Best Bike Rides includes six cycle trails, six road rides, four mountain bike rides, in sunny Hawke’s Bay.

They are described in detail with additional maps and altitude graphs. It is an indispensable guide for all cyclists visiting the region.

Published 1 November 2012.

Classic New Zealand Mountain Bike Rides, 8th edition (2011).

Classic New Zealand Mountain Bike Rides 8th edition

This is the bible of New Zealand mountain biking written by the three Kennett Brothers. Available in all good bikes shops and book stores.

Recommended retail price $29.90

Published October 2011

Classic New Zealand Road Rides (2010).

Classic New Zealand Road Rides - the 100 best recreational road rides in New Zealand

BikeNZ CEO Kieran Turner and cycling author Jonathan Kennett have teamed up to write a comprehensive guidebook to the best 100 recreational road rides in New Zealand. The book provides everything you’ll need to choose a trip that best suits your favoured style of riding.

Recommended Retail $29.90

Published November 2010

Round The Mountain - 100 years of a cycling classic (2011).

Round The Mountain - 100 years of a cycling classic

Bike historian Ian Gray brings you a celebration of the Taranaki Round the Mountain Classic cycle race. New Zealand's longest-running race, the mountain circuit has been a prestigious yardstick for top amateurs and professionals to compare themselves with past and present champions since 1911.

Recommended Retail $20.00

Published October 2011

Louise Sutherland - spinning the globe (2010).

Cycling Legend: Louise Sutherland Spinning the globe

Louise was a small woman with a big heart. She knew virtually nothing about bicycles, except what really mattered. She was the first person ever to cycle right across the Amazon Jungle.

Recommended Retail $20.00

Published November 2010

Tararau Adventure Guide (2010).

Tararua Adventure Guide

Tramping, Camping, Rafting, Mountain Biking and Running in Tararua Forest Park. Available in book shops and adventure stores around Wellington, Manawatu and Wairarapa.

Recommended Retail $24.90

Published August 2010

Tino Tabak: Dreams and Demons of a New Zealand Cycling Legend (2009).

Cycling Legend: Tino Tabak - Dreams and Demons

"I’ve lapped it out with the Cannibal in the Tour de France, and I’ve struggled just for the dubious Red Lantern. I’ve beaten Holland’s best to claim their road championship title, and I’ve risked everything to win a classic, almost following Tommy Simpson’s fate. It was madness. I can say that now."

Published 2009, RRP $20.00.

Cycling Legend: Warwick Dalton - The Lone Eagle

Dalton excelled at all distances. He won 11 New Zealand track titles, the North Island Six-Day Tour, the Round-the-Mountain, the Tour of Southland, plus many overseas events.

Published 2008. RRP $20.00

Cycling Legend: Bill Pratney - Never Say Die

Wiremu Paratane's cycling career began in 1926 and spanned an astounding seven decades.

Published 2007. RRP $20.00

Cycling Legend: Harry Watson - The Mile Eater

The inspiring story of the first New Zealander to race in the Tour de France.

Published 2006. RRP $20.00

Cycling Legend: Phil O'Shea - Wizard on Wheels

Phil O'Shea won every track and road cycling title he set his mind to, during a time when competitive cycling was one of the world's most popular sports.

Published 2005. RRP $20.00

See the full list of New Zealand Cycling Legends.

Wellington's Best Bike Rides (2009).

Wellington's Best Bike Rides

Wellington’s Best Bike Rides guides you to over 60 local mountain bike tracks and 10 popular road rides – all within 100 kilometres of the capital.

Published mid-December 2009 and available in all Wellington bike shops.

Recommended retail price $12.00

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Out of print

The Carbon Forest

A New Zealand guide to forest carbon sinks for investors, farmers, foresters and conservationists. Published 2010. Sold out and no plans to reprint as long as the ETS remains in it's current neutered form.


The story of cycling in New Zealand, from 1860 to 2004. Published 2004. Sold out and no current plans to reprint.

Don't trim any part of your visible wheeling costume with lace or frills of any kind. Remember that the best-dressed wheelwoman is she who is most severely plain in every detail.

New Zealand Cyclist, 1897. RIDE

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Kennett Brothers book catalogue 2013


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