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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Installed a rangehood in the kitchen

I installed a rangehood extractor fan over the oven/electric elements on Sunday. This should reduce the amount of condensation in the main living area. I bought a second hand Robinhood Grange II for $60. After reading the website I noticed that this model is one of their noisiest, 65 db - doh!

So I took some spare sound dampening foam and cloth that I used to have in my web server closet and glued that inside the unit. Which seems to have helped "a bit". (Shame I didn't have a db meter.)

We cooked salmon on Monday night and that didn't stink the house out too much.

The only other downside is the unit has two 40 Watt lamps in it. I'll see if I can get lower powered replacements - it seems like a good situation for white LED's maybe.


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