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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Upgraded" to more expensive power

When we moved into the house we found it was connected via pre-pay system. You go to your local Blockbuster video store and buy "power" from them with $20-$100. They give you a 16 digit number which you then punch into a keypad next to your power meter at home.

It sounds a bit micky-mouse, but had the advantage that it (a) gave a digital usage reading and (b) didn't include a daily "line charge".

Eventually the power company (Genesis) decided to upgrade it systems to rectify that. So today we are paying 33.750 cents/day plus 17.500 cents/unit, but there giving us $15 per month to keep our custom. (My plan is to stay 12 months then switch to Meridian who generate power using more "renewable" energy sources.)

The other benefit of this new system is that it provides an indoor control-monitor panel - so I don't have to read the meter out in the rain anymore.


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