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Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Home energy efficiency audit

We had Barry from Negawatt Resources Ltd come in and do a home energy audit for us.

  • Ceiling insulation is more effective if it is layed over the rafters, not between them. The rafter act as a bit of a thermal conductor.
  • it's healthier for the home and it's occupants if you heat the spaces people live in rather than try to heat the people directly (by huddling infront of a heater). Ideally leave most of the interior doors open and heat all the main rooms.
  • We should get rid of the 3 bar electric heater we were using in the lounge and buy oil filled electrix heaters with thermostats. And don't buy the small ones.
  • Better to install a clothes dryer than dry cloths on a rack inside. Better still - dry clothes outside.


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