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File00 Photo control stops.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 8k
File11 Cape Reinga to Rangiora Ferry Terminal.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 84k
File12 Rangiora Ferry Terminal to Rawene boat trip 001.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 4k
File13 Rawene to Dargaville [2023].gpx2023-12-01 03:57 76k
File14 Dargaville to Pouto Point (boat pickup) 001.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 64k
File15 Optional Kaipara Harbour bypass 001.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 324k
File16 Kaipara Harbour charter boat trip.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 84k
File17 Parakai to Auckland 001.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 56k
File20 Auckland to Taumaranui [2023].gpx2023-12-01 03:58 660k
File21 Hunua Traverse weekday entrance [2023].gpx2023-12-01 03:59 24k
File22 Optional Clevedon to Kaiaua via coast [2023].gpx2023-12-01 04:01 8k
File23 Optional 500m side trip to Ongarue Store 001.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 8k
File24 Hawkes Bay Trail segment - CLOSED 2022-2024 [2023].gpx2023-12-01 04:03 72k
File31 Taumaranui to Mangaparua Landing.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 152k
File32 Whanganui jetboat trip.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 56k
File33 Optional Mangapurua Track to Pikipriki via Raetahi [2023].gpx2023-12-01 04:05 116k
File34 Pipiriki to Wellington Ferry Terminal.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 712k
File35 Optional Durie Hill elevator alternative (hill climb).gpx2022-07-28 03:04 8k
File36 Wgtn Ferry Terminal To Bluebridge Ferry Terminal.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 8k
File37 Cook Strait boat trip 001.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 8k
File41 Picton to Greymouth.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 884k
File42 Optional start from Bluebridge Ferry wharf.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 8k
File43 Optional MTB Pathway Link to Ngakuta Bay.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 16k
File44 Flood Bypass - Reefton to Hukarere on Hway7.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 48k
File51 Greymouth to Queenstown.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 596k
File52 Wet weather (high river) bypass.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 20k
File53 Optional Fox Glacier Carpark walk to Glacier Lookout.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 4k
File54 Wanaka Outlet constuction only bypass.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 8k
File55 Wanaka Outlet full bypass via suburbs.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 16k
File61 Earnslaw Ferry boat trip 001.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 4k
File62 Walter Peak to Bluff.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 200k
File71 DRAFT BYPASS Old CHCH Rd to Windwhistle.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 584k
File72 DRAFT BYPASS Windwhistle to Pleasant Point.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 24k
File73 DRAFT BYPASS Pleasant Point To Queenstown via Thompson Saddle.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 584k
File74 DRAFT BYPASS Twizel to Ohau - FLOOD BYPASS.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 12k
File75 DRAFT BYPASS SI East Coast photo control stops.gpx2022-07-28 03:04 4k
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