Paul began exploring the computer world in 1982 when he bought a Sinclair ZX81 and got his first job in an electronics shop. Since then he has studied computers at Wellington Polytechnic and worked as an interweb guy.

Out of the office, his main interest has been mountain biking. He bought his first fat tyre bike in 1984 and was a key pioneer of the sport: exploring trails, founding the Karapoti Classic, editing a mountain bike magazine, and representing New Zealand at the 1989 World Mountain Bike Champs.

In the mid-to-late 1990’s he spent a lot of time building the New Zealand Mountain Bike Web. Since then he’s added a few other interests. He set up in 2000.

Since buying his first home in 2004 he has been obsessed with energy efficiency. He’s added double ceiling and under floor insulation, built a solar PV system to power his weather station. In 2006 he added a solar hot water system, in 2007 he blew polystyrene beads into his outside walls with a hair dryer. Early 2008 he installed 4000 litres of cheap rain water tanks behind his garage which water his vege garden.

Lately he’s shifted his focus to carbon efficiency. He’s thinking “What would it take to reduce my personal carbon footprint to 40% of my 1990 levels by the year 2020?”

Paul is involved in Transition Towns Lower Hutt and the Moera Community Garden. He’s also been giving some Kiva micro-loans.



PHONE: 027 442-1055
WORK: 04 499 6376